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The birth of Conscious Meals is the result of a detrimental illness that suddenly appeared while working as a Food Scientist for the food industry. From a super healthy woman, in a matter of weeks I was left in skin and bones, excruciating pain, and having to rely in a wheel chair.

Conventional medicine didn’t help and doctors were unable to identify the problem. So, I took the matter on my hands by leaving my job and dedicating all of my time in doing research to learn how to heal myself. I got educated in all possible areas of antient ways of healing, holistic and alternative medicine. I went through very strict protocols and diets. Completely quit consuming processed foods and concentrated in eating plant-based vegan.

During that time, I couldn’t make use of spices, oils, sweeteners; not even salt. I was tested to learn to cook with just fresh herbs, vegetables, low sugar fruits, and greens. For a foodie like me this was the end of the world. To my surprise the combinations I made with the few ingredients tasted really good especially when implementing fermentation, careful cooking time and temperature to synergize the alchemy of the flavors.

While working for the food industry, I was exposed to the various processes food gets treated with leaving the final product “void of nutrients and soul”, and filled with lab made artificial ingredients.  I learned the detrimental effects this food presents to the digestive system; a slow decline on its efficiency leading to illness.

After healing most of the problem I decided I wasn’t going back to my profession. Instead, I wanted to share the goodness I learned through my experience. I had zero money and no job. I even had to sleep in my car. I started selling raw fermented smoothies at the local farmer’s market. There was a very positive response to the concept and customers asked for more! It all started at a food stand which then grew into an actual Grab&Go Fusion Restaurant and Catering dedicated 100% to the vegan movement in Sedona.

The original idea was to make the concept Plant-based Vegan, Organic, Gluten & Soy free. But that was not enough so I decided all the food was going to be made fresh from scratch on site without any pre-processed ingredients from the store… and that is the uniqueness of Conscious Meals. Food free of preservatives, additives, and/or any other “weird” ingredients that don’t come directly from the earth.

We are devoted to training palates to fresh vibrant food


bring conscious eating through tasty choices

The vision is to serve with knowledge, dedicated work, and respect.