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We Offer Our Food Services to All Kind of Events

We cook all our plant-based vegan, organic, gluten & soy free from scratch.

We also handcraft our own cheese, yogurt, sauces, bread, dressings, plant based milks … and more.

Our private catering events have provided for people on retreats, family and group gatherings, anniversaries and special occasions.

Our staff can provide onsite serving services or you can choose to have everything delivered ready-made.

* Our criteria for pricing varies for each group depending on the needs, location, group size, and days.


Vegan and Raw Vegan Menu

To inquire for dates, menu & price please contact us at: (928) 862 2991


email at and provide us with the below info

Date of the event

Type of event

How many attendees

Location of the event

Require Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Platter … etc